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Monday, August 29, 2011

C25K - Week 5, Day 1 & 2

I started week 5 of the Couch to 5K program yesterday. I was terrified at the thought of the three intervals of 5 minute runs. Everything seemed to be getting in the way. My new sports bra was too big so "The Twins" didn't have the support they needed. (That was a first considering most sports bras are too small for my DD's). Anyway, the Pandora application on my cell phone was not cooperating and there wasn't anything good on the TV in front of my treadmill. I wanted to quit even before I started. I'm glad I didn't.

As I progress in the program, I'm discovering that there is "freedom" in the longer periods of running because I'm in less of a rush to check the time, distance or speed on the treadmill. I know I have a lot to do so I'm able to just take it in stride and enjoy it. I'm also happy to report that I maintained my usual slow running speed of 4MPH throughout the workout. I'm planning on increasing this once I get my stamina together.

I got my last run in before Hurricane Irene on Friday evening. I was supposed to go back to the gym today but I just don't feel like it. Rather than push myself and not perform as well as I should, I'm going to take another day off. I'll be back at it tomorrow (hopefully). I think the real reason why I'm procrastinating is the thought of the 20min straight that I have to run without any breaks. Pray for me yall.... I can say that the program has built my confidence to the point where I know that I can do the run and the only person stopping me is me.

I haven't lost any more weight but I do feel that I may be loosing inches. Therefore, I've decided to do the 30 Day Shred 4 days a week and run the other 3 or something like that. I'm not sure...

Day 2 was murder! I had to run 8 min. intervals this time. I'm really looking forward to the 3rd and final run of week 5. That's when I have to do the 20min straight. If I get through that, I know I'll be able to get through 60min. of straight running and I should be able to do my 5K in 45min. (I know, it's not a high goal but its huge for me. LOL)


  1. Girl, 45 minutes is a fantastic goal!!! I was very, very, very nervous about that 20 minute run, but I actually found it not as hard as I expected. Almost seemed harder to go back to intervals afterwards! Just keep thinking, "I can do this, I can do this, I can do this." Because you totally can. And you are gonna feel AWESOME afterwards!!!! I'm very proud of you, Shanita.

  2. Thanks! I am very nervous about the 20min run so much so that I think my body is playing tricks on me telling me that I don't feel too good. I don't understand why they would have me run 20min non-stop and then tell me to go back to the intervals but then again, it'll probably make them that much easier. Thanks again for the support, it really means a lot and gives me that extra push! :)


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