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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Insanity- Day 1 Part 2 ( DID IT!!!! )

Well... Part 2 of the disc was definitely harder than part one. I'm not going to lie and tell you that I moved as quickly as the tiny people on the screen but I will tell you that I didn't quit!!! That alone is a victory for me. Last year, Insanity was a fantasy but today it's a reality. I'll get better and better as long as I stick to it. I'm tempted to do this one disc every day for a week. That's how much I enjoyed it.

Surprisingly, there was only one exercise in the circuit that I didn't like and that is the "Jumping Squat". I'm not sure why. The basketball squats and side-to-side ski moves we did are very similar and I did them without a problem. Maybe it's because "jumping squats" sounds like a lot of work and basketball and skiing sound like pleasurable activities.

There were some mountain climbers (which I hate more than anything) but the bulk of them were standing so I did the few ones we were asked to do on the floor (he called it something different) without complaint. I even  added in a few of my own. I once felt the same way about jumping jacks and running and now I don't mind either one of those. So practice makes better....

Oh yeah...there was the Level 1 Drill. It was tough but I like it. I'm recovering from a wrist injury (which I have no clue how I got) so it probably wasn't good for me to put all the stress on my wrists but it was worth it because I FELT every second of it even though I didn't stand up every time they did. I just did extra push-ups and floor runs (mountain climbers). The ab moves were great working the abs, cardio, chest, glutes and almost every other large muscle group in the the body.

The stretch at the end of the circuit was good! I needed it and it didn't require too much balance.

I finished with a smile.  I thought I was going to have to be resuscitated at the end but I managed to walk away.

I know I promised to post the before pics and stats but decided to wait a bit. I'm a little too sore to ask the hubby to measure me today. That would involve touching and Shanita is SORE. lol

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