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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Insanity - Disc 3, Part 2

Today started out pretty rough. My thighs and hip flexor are killing me and I still have this mysterious wrist pain. Nevertheless, I kept my promise to myself and did Insanity anyway. I came into the exercise sore and actually finished up feeling a lot better. I somehow managed to work my glutes and back out really well.  I also did my own stretch before even starting the DVD. Otherwise, I tend  to start cramping during the warm up and barely make it to the stretch.

Disc 3 allows a lot more water breaks and only had one excercise that irritated me - Power Jumps. I enjoyed the push-up work because I remember a time when I couldn't do one push-up. Today, I did just about as many push-up as the fit, skinny people in the DVD. Yeah, I was feeling myself big time!  And I still have a sore wrist. I'll try to ice it before going to bed tonight.

In addition to the power jumps, there were more squats, hurdle jumps and something called globe jumps, I liked those. Once again, I was tricked into doing mountain climbers. This time he called them floor sprints. It was a milder variation of the worst move in the world and  I can see myself doing this in lieu of them going forward. There was also an exercise very similar to the basketball suicide drills where we were iinstructed to "hit the floor" continually. I had trouble performing this because of my gut but I hung in there. I hit my ankle and a few time made it down to the floor.

Anyhoo, tomorrow is Friday - the real test. Fridays and Sundays used to be my rest days. So it's going to be a struggle to workout but I'm committed to "get fit or hurt trying". LOL


  1. This blog is gonna be a gets reference to someone one day! Lol a@ push ups the other day I did 20 and couldn't believe it because before I couldn't even do one. Same thing with sit ups, I can do 30 or so. Before my muscles were so weak I couldn't even lift myself up. This post inspired me tomdo my mini nightly workout. You kneel up the good work and once I get in a little better shape im gonna come over and go insane too, lol

  2. OK.I'm looking forward to it. I don't do sit ups but I can show you some great ab moves that tone all muscles at once. I'll find a youtube link for you or give you a Jillian Michaels DVD. I cant wait until my wrist and thighs heel so I can really go insane. LOL

  3. Alhamdulillah I am glad your insanity is helping you. Lmbo @ Tiffany coming over to go insane.

  4. Thanks Nikky... I guess slow progress is better than no progress. I'm definitely trying to be 175 by my 30th b-day (11/30)


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