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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Week 2 Weigh In

Hi Blog Friends! I’ve been away for a couple of days but I’m still pushing on. The last time we spoke, I was feeling a little under the weather but I’m feeling much better now. Thanks so much for all of your well wishes and encouragement!!!

I followed all of the advice I was given and I took a little break from working out. I rested for 2 days and then went back at full force. I feel myself starting to get a little sick again but I’m not sure if its really my body trying to tell me something or my mind trying to get my body out of working out. In any case, I’ll see how I feel after tonight’s workout. Tonight will be "Pure Cardio" with Shaun T's Insanity.  I’m still only doing ½ a DVD. I'm just a little crazy
 I'm not completely insane yet. I don’t know how people do the whole thing straight through!! Oneday....  Until then, I’ll take it easy and continue to do my 20-25 minutes of Insanity per day and watch what I eat. When that stops working, I’ll move onto the full workout.

Before I post my week 2 results, I'd like to start by sharing with you some things I did last week that impacted my weight loss. #1, I think I can show you better than I can tell you:

I present to you - Exhibit A

Funnel Cake....

I didn't have very much. I shared with my mother in-law. It wasn't really "worth" the calories. Instead, I saved them for McDonald's and cotton candy. I know... I know... bad decisions. I'll do better this week. I have to!! I KNEW I was going to "eat bad" while at Six Flags so I saved some calories during the week.  

By the way, here's a pic of the gang:

That's me in the center hiding 95% of my body. I SO can't wait until the day I don't feel the need to do that way anymore. 

OK, back on track now....

#2 - I skipped 2 workout days and took my allotted rest day so I didn't really have all the workout time in that I planned on having.

#3 -  I'm still not following any formal "diet" plan. Instead, I'm making sensible choices and reducing the amount of carbs I have. I'm detoxing off of junk food too.

With all of these factors, I still managed to loose 2 pounds!

While I should be thanking my lucky stars that I didn't gain 2 pounds, I'm disappointed because I know if I would have been a little more focused, I could have lost more, easy! Maybe I'll think about this the next time I decide to slack off.

A wise old friend used to tell me: "slow progress is better than no progress".  She was right. But I'm in this to win this for the long haul. So I'll take my 2 pound loss and update my ticker happily...
I started at 224 (this time around) and I'm down to 219 for a total of 5 pounds lost in 2 weeks. Next week's goal is 4lbs. I'm thinking seeing 215 again will feel good.


Thanks so much for reading and accompanying me through this journey! I'd love to hear from you. Feel free to leave a comment.