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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Week 3 Weigh In

Well... somewhere around my first post, I said that I wanted to do Insanity for 28 consecutive days because that's how long it supposedly takes to form a habit. I formed my habit. I work out religiously everyday even when I don't feel like it. Today marks day 21 with only 7 more days to go until I officially form my "habit". I did get sick last week and had to take two "unauthorized" days off but I got right back on track and made up for it by even working out twice on some days. While I don't see too many physical changes, I can tell you that I am already in a lot better shape than I was in when I started. I'm able to workout longer and harder and feel myself growing stronger everyday! (Woo-hoo!)

I'm not pleased with this week's weigh in but I can say I  honestly feel like I've lost some inches. I bought this grey pencil skirt last year and only wore it once because my butt stood out just as far behind me as my belly did in front of me. Then there was the issue of the pouch and the long split up the front and I just couldn't bring myself to wear it again. Well, I wore the skirt today. I'm still round in the center but it doesn't look as bad as it did before. In fact, it keep rises up because there's too much room in the waistline. Here's a pic:

Hopefully some day soon I'll be posting another pic in this last minute outfit with it falling off me. Hey, a girl can dream. Right?

This week I decided to go back to eating "real food" for breakfast instead of the Special K. I also opted to stop eating the white bread on sandwiches for lunch.

This morning I had sausage links, scrambled eggs with cheese on wheat toast for breakfast. For lunch I'll have a salad with some sliced baked turkey breast. I'll have sugar-free jello for snacks and all the water I can stand. I'm not sure what I'll have for dinner yet but I'm sure it will be healthy. My husband joined me in the weight loss journey less than 6 months ago and he's already dropped 50 lbs. (That is SO unfair!!! but I'm happy for him).

As far as exercise goes, I will continue Insanity for the rest of the week. Next Tuesday, instead of doing the "Recovery Week" Core Cardio & Balance, I think I'll do Jillian Micheal's 30 Day Shred. I had good results with that workout before so we'll see what happens. that will be my "recovery". I'm not sure if I'll immediately return to Insanity or if I'll start training for the 5K in early October. My sister talked me into running and we're both going to do the Couch to 5 K program. I'll probably do that and alternate Insanity every other day. But again, we'll see...

Oh... I didn't tell you guys how much I lost this week. ONE FREAKING POUND! Can you believe it? I worked so hard. I ate right and worked my tail off but I didn't manage to loose the 4 lbs I was shooting for this week. I guess this is normal. Usually weeks 3 and 5 are rough (according to Biggest Looser). So I'll continue to work hard. I will celebrate this single pound loss because it could have very well been one gained.

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