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Friday, July 22, 2011

Insanity in Tripple Digit Weather

The thermometer on my car said 104 degrees yesterday. If anyone knows anything about me they know that I absolutely detest the heat! I don't know if its because I'm carrying around this extra "insulation" or if something really happened to me after I turned 25 that just made heat unbearable to me. I'm one of those people you see walking around in the dead of winter with a light jacket on and if you catch me on the right day, you may even find my windows cracked. I don't even store my fans away for the winter. Instead, I use them all year long. (By the way, God bless whomever invented the fan and air conditioner!)

So can you imagine me, the "Hater of Heat" working out in triple-digit weather? I couldn't neither but I did it. I don't keep any fans or air conditioners in my basement because it gets a little dusty and I'd hate to have that blowing around and get my bronchitis acting up so I figure I'd rather be a little hot than unable to breathe. The only thing I hadn't planned for was for the temperature to get so hot. This is like the 4th or 5th day of a heat wave. We (Philadelphians) do not do very well with the heat. I once visited Las Vegas in July and I was sure I was going to die. The weather lately has really starting reminding me of that.

It would have been very easy for me to just take the day off and chalk it up as a "rest day" but I couldn't. I told you guys yesterday that my goal was to loose 4lbs by next Tuesday and I'm sticking to it. In fact, if my body permits, I plan on working out twice on Saturday and Sunday just to see if it will put me any closer to my goals. Even if I were to only loose 2 lbs a week, I'd still reach my goal of being at most 199 lbs by my vow renewal on October 16th. I just don't want to get too close to the date and then have to try some crazy fad diet to get there. I'd rather work my tail off right now while I have ample time than to risk not meeting my goal at all or even worse - gaining more freaking weight.

Tonight  I plan to do more of the Insanity Cardio Power & Resistance workout. I like this one. It starts out a little easier than some of the other ones but as soon as you get comfortable and thinking "oh, is that all?", Shaun T. starts pumping you up to go even harder. I really have to admit I dig his style. He is my second fitness professional second only to Jillian Micheal's. If anything out of the norm happens during tonight's workout, I'll be sure to keep you guys posted.

I sort of liked working out in the scorching heat because I was literally dripping pools of sweat. Insanity is the only exercise program I've ever done that feels so effective. Right now I'm wondering if the extra temperature caused me to burn more calories. We may be on to something here. LOL

Please, please, please...be sure to stay hydrated, know your limits and don't hurt yourselves. Just because the temperature is high does not mean we can't workout, it just means we have to be more careful in doing so.

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  1. I also dislike heat, but love to sweat when I'm working out. It feels to me like the fat is just literally melting away! Then I am so confused when the numbers don't change. :)

    You are so smart to kick your own behind NOW rather than too close to "due date". YOU GO, GIRL! :)


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