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Friday, July 15, 2011

Too Sick to Excercise?

My plan was to work out every day for at least 28 days without taking a break because my father once told me that it takes 28 days to form a habit. Unfortunately, I was forced to break my habit after only 8 days. (I wonder if this means I need to start all over again?) The injuries didn't stop me. I didn't get bored and I wasn't even tired. Why did I take a break, you ask? Because I was sick. I'm so disappointed in myself right now. I came up stairs from an Insanity Workout soaked in sweat (gross, I know) and the air conditioner was on full blast. As soon as the cold hit my wet chest, I KNEW I was done. That somehow triggered my bronchitis and I could barely breathe. I was almost ready to head to the ER. I thank God that He is healing me. Maybe it was time for me to take a break? Not! I have goals to reach. Sick or not.

I know, I know...I need to get well so that I can give it my all and it probably would serve my body better if I would just get some rest and start back when I'm better. I know all of the these things. I'm just afraid that this "sick break" will end like those past where I miss one workout, then two, then three. Then the next thing you know I quit working out all together.

But that isn't going to happen this time. That's why I started this blog. I actually set reminder alarms to remind me to workout and record my activity/blog. so even though I didn't workout at all today, I still felt like jotting down why I didn't do anything today. I don't feel too bad because I honestly was sick. I hate medicine and refuse to take it - especially anything a doctor tells you to take everyday. I think that's how dependency begins. They didn't have all these medications back when my grandparents where younger. It's just drug companies trying to get richer.

Enough of my conspiracy theories. Back to the blog...

 I never call out of work or take PTO unless I have something to do. Today, I spent the entire morning in the bed. I woke up only to take cough medicine and go back to bed. I had to make a few runs with the kids after summer camp but I didn't do much at all. I have to save all of my energy for 6 Flags tomorrow. God, I hope it isn't too hot and I'm able to breathe through the humidity. If all goes well, I'll workout tomorrow night when we return. We'll see. Karron (the husband) told me I should take it easy because he doesn't like to hear me wheezing. Maybe I can ride this sickness out and get dinner cooked all week. Just kidding... but you can't knock a girl for thinking about it. LOL.

In closing, I'd like to wish AJ a happy 6th birthday. I can't believe my baby is getting so big!!!
Also, I'd like to wish Karron a happy 5th wedding anniversary! I love you and these have been the happiest 5 years of my life!!!!!


  1. You should take it easy, the last thing you want to do is push yourself to hard while your sick.
    And taking your kids to 6 flags is going to be enough of a workout lol... Have fun! and feel better!

  2. Another thing we have in common - no medicine! I don't take it. I don't care if I have a headache, I believe my body (and God) will take care of it. I need to feel pain sometimes. :)

    So, I know you wanted to work out every day, but it is just fine (and healthy!) to take a break! Especially when it's just a day (or two) as opposed to a month or year. ;) If your body gets all used to working out every day, it will be less effective. Happy birthday to your son and happy anniversary to you!!! Enjoy yourself today. I hope your lungs cooperate.

    P.S. I took my 4 to the pool yesterday (by myself) and called it cross training. :)

  3. I hope you are feeling much better since my comment is 2 days late. I also hope you listened to the two previous commenters and took it easy. I normally get bronchitis twice a year and it is nothing to play with.

  4. @ Teresa - 6 Flags was a workout but I enjoyed it. I even managed to get some swimming in. So I feel a little better about all of the goodies I ate.

    @ Audrey - I agree. A little pain every now and again is good for us. My two had me running in circles, I can't imagine 4 at a time. I'm sure you got a good workout in.

    I'm back on track. I took 2 days off to rest and resumed my workout yesterday so hopefully I'll still see a negative number at this week's weigh in (tomorrow)

    @ Briana - thanks, hon! I'm feeling better already. Thank God. I'm still not 1200% but I'm getting there. If I start to feel too short of breath, I'll immediately stop.

  5. Shanita, I'm glad you're feeling better.

  6. I came to leave a "where are you" comment and then I saw your response up there! Yay! Looking forward to tomorrow's post and weigh in! :)

  7. @ Kelly - Thanks! I'm back on track now
    @ Audrey - Thanks for checking in on me. I'm back on track now.


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