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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Today's the Big Day!

Today is the big day. Today is the day I weigh in and see the fruits of my labor. I’m very excited. I initially weighed myself on my Wii so I kind of want to stick to the same scale. But working in a hospital, the temptation to go hop on the first scale I come across is very great- almost unbearable. I know I’ve at least lost some inches just above my obliques. I put on one of my favorite dresses today that was very tight in that area and I have space now. So that makes me happy.

I’ve been sticking to the Insanity workouts and trying to eat better but it gets hard with so many different things coming at you from so many different directions. I’m used to going to my favorite restaurant and ordering whatever I wanted regardless of how many calories or how much sodium it contained. All I cared was that I was feeling down and food made me feel better. The solution was obvious:  I was going to eat, drink and be merry. But I see where that’s gotten me.

Instead of resorting back to my old methods I decided instead to take all the aggression and aggravation I’m feeling at the moment and use that negative energy for a positive purpose – to burn off some of the fat instead of adding to it by emotionally eating. I’ve been doing pretty well with my food regimen lately but I know I have much more work to do. I hate the term “diet” because it sounds so restrictive but when I call it my food regimen I feel like I’m in control. I hope that makes sense to you… LOL

This week I’ve been eating Special K cereal for breakfast with 2% milk because anything lower tastes like breast milk (aprx. 150 calories), a sandwich for lunch (aprx. 350 calories) and mainly chicken and veggies for dinner (aprx. 500 clories) . Snacks are sugar-free jello (10 calories), pudding (60 calories) or applesauce (60 calories). I typically eat two jellos and (1) 60 calorie snack. I only drink water throughout the day. I like to save my calories for other “good-bad” things like adult drinks which I KNOW stunt the weight loss process but I’d much rather have 4 oz. of vodka with diet soda than a cheeseburger any day. It usually puts me to sleep and I’m too tired to get up and go “midnight munching”. LOL

So depending on the scale, I’ll continue to make sensible food choices and keep my caloric intake in the 1000-1300 range and keep my nightcaps. But if the number doesn’t represent all the hard work I’ve been doing – something has to go.

I am interested in dietary regimen to get a good jumpstart on my weight loss. Can anyone recommend any supplements or food plans beside Weight Watchers? They are great but I intend to do that program at a later phase to maintain. Right now, I have so much to loose (at least 50 lbs) and I want an overnight miracle as if I didn’t gain this weight over a period of time. What? Are you surprised that I know this isn’t as fast of a process as I wish it were? LOL

I’ll post my weigh in results later. There will not be an Insanity Review today because I’m repeating the Polymetric Cardio Circuit and I’ve already reviewed this workout. (I’m following the calendar only making modifications to cut the longer workouts in ½)

Talk to you guys soon and hopefully – no prayerfully there will be good news!

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